New Checkpoint Bag Saves Time and Hassle

Targus, the world’s largest business bag supplier approached Innovation Focus to uncover the hassle with frequent laptop users. We discovered dozens of problems worth solving but not surprisingly we heard loud and clear… “I hate taking my laptop out of my bag at security.”


The need was obvious. Targus had the capability to design a solution. The problem was that Homeland Security had to be convinced it was a problem worth solving and work co-operatively with a manufacturer to implement the solution.


The solution.


Innovation Focus led the effort to approach Homeland Security with a proposition: With over 25% of all air travelers carrying laptops, a change in procedures that supports a new laptop bag designed to be screened with the laptop safely inside, would save time, increase passenger throughput and ease anxiety for the traveler and security screeners.


We started at our local government level and pursued contacts within the TSA until we reached the right people. In March of 2008 the TSA issued a public Request for Information that “expresses the Transportation Security Administration’s interest in receiving innovative prototypes of laptop bags from industry that could lead to the elimination of the requirement to remove laptops from certain bags at airport security checkpoints. ”


Innovation Focus guided the Targus development team through the creation of the technical paper and concepts that would convince the TSA that Targus could meet their technical requirements for a checkpoint friendly business bag.


The result.


Targus was selected as one of several suppliers that met the TSA’s qualifications. In July 2008 the TSA implemented a new screening policy for a “checkpoint friendly bag”. In October of 2008 Targus started shipping their Zip-Thru™ business bag.


“This is a solid example of government collaborating with the private sector to conceptualize and produce a product that really works to improve and advance the security process,” said TSA Administrator Kip Hawley. “We put the challenge out there and bag manufacturers overwhelmingly responded with innovative products to provide a win-win for travelers and TSA.