DuPont-Merck discovers how to successfully launch their ‘New Era” product in months rather than years

DuPont- Merck Pharmaceutical Company has conducted important research in cardiovascular, radiopharmaceutical and central nervous system products. Their tireless approach to research in pharmaceuticals has made them an industry leader.

It’s 1995.  DuPont-Merck has just discovered a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of alcohol dependence. The makers of this product felt the need to make it available to people trying to recover from alcoholism around the world. They were looking for ways to avoid the years it usually takes to successfully market and sell a new pharmaceutical product globally.

Innovation Focus began by interviewing key participants in the drug research. They developed a core team of DuPont-Merck employees and set about finding professionals in every avenue of the launch process. Lobbyists, lawyers, rehab specialists, FDA officials, marketing personnel and technology experts from five different countries were brought together for a powerful strategy ideation session facilitated by Innovation Focus.

Able now to ask and ideate around specific problems and obstacles that hinder a successful product launch, DuPont-Merck began building a foolproof action plan. Using the best strategies and tactics that came out of the session they now had the clear direction and approach needed to get it done in record time.

Within eleven months, ReVia was successfully introduced to the world. It is still being prescribed today to help millions of people overcome cravings and lead happier, healthier lives.