Teledyne Waterpik Uses the Voice of the Customer to Reinvigorate their Product Line and the End User

Since its founding in 1962, Teledyne Waterpik brand has become synonymous with the world’s top personal and oral healthcare products.


Teledyne Waterpik invented the first massaging showerhead but the product line was steadily losing value and market share as competitors began entering the same space. They needed to reinvent their own product in order to reinstate their brand as the industry standard. Waterpik approached Innovation Focus to help them identify a new product platform that would create long-term profitability and growth.


Innovation Focus led the Waterpik team through research that evaluated current consumer trends and converted those trends into needs. A subsequent technology immersion, led by IF with a team of consumers, designers, engineers and marketers identified over a hundred high-probability concepts.



Preliminary design and development activity involved IF, Machineart Industrial Design and the Waterpik team and resulted in a focus on a new shower head product platform that would provide a unique showering experience.


Two years later, Waterpik introduced a truly innovative approach to the showerhead product category. The showerhead has seven unique and adjustable settings that address consumers’ interest in having increased control over the delivery of water to “turn their shower into a spa.”