WD-40, The World’s Most Useful Product, finds new ways to solve needs big and small.

WD-40 can be found in 83% of American households and in over 160 countries worldwide. This product has been an integral part of daily work for the professional tradesman, hobbyist and homeowner for over 50 years.


WD-40 approached Innovation Focus to help them reinvigorate the brand. They wanted to develop a better understanding of their consumers’ needs, drivers and motivators and to use those insights to develop new product concepts for the WD-40 brand.


Innovation Focus helped the client form and train a cross-functional team that would look for new product opportunities for WD-40. IF led the team through the process of observing and interacting with mechanics, landscapers, construction workers and other professional tradesman who were heavy users of the product. The research gave the team a chance to view their customers in their natural environment and observe how their product is used in everyday activities. They uncovered several opportunities for improvement because of the numerous, diverse, and unintended ways people used their product.
They saw that it was difficult to control in targeted spots, difficult to direct, and difficult to apply to large areas. The WD-40 team was then led through the analysis and concept creation process with help from the Innovation Focus team. Through IF testing of a prototype concept, they discovered an untapped new target market; women needed a product that delivered a very controlled amount of lubricant for everyday use in the home


The insights gained from the field research led to the creation of three new product launches, contributing to a 14% increase in sales:
WD-40 No-Mess PenWD-40 Smart StrawWD-40 Big Blast Can


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