Fiskars Sustainability

Fiskars is a 360 year-old-company that has continually adapted and expanded into an international organization. They understand that in order to stay relevant in a changing world, you need to stay connected to your customers and anticipate the needs of tomorrow. The Fiskars Garden Tool division decided to look at what could be next in their industry. They chose Innovation Focus’ Hunting for Hunting Grounds process which involved: chartering a cross-functional team, scouting the world for exciting technologies and emerging trends, synthesizing the results into a few important opportunity areas, and inventing a path of product ideas (things you can do tomorrow and things you can do in 5, 10 and 15 years).


They created several mini business cases to push them into new opportunity areas. One of which was “Orange Goes Green” which specifically named water conservation, rain collection products, and sustainable materials as a way to achieve their objective of “introducing environmentally friendly and organically responsible products.”


An early release from this new platform was Rain Barrels. These new rain barrels merge an age-old conservation technique with modern technology, architecture and design. Fiskars is building on an environmentally conscious history by doing its part to build a more sustainable world.