Emerging from a Perfect Storm of Market Pressures

What does the senior leadership team do when a third generation precision parts manufacturer has done all the re-engineering it can to stay in business in the face of market competition?


National Bearings had leaned and outsourced as much as they could and still call themselves a manufacturing company


That’s the point at which Innovation Focus was selected to work with the entire management team in pursuit of a brighter future.  That’s where the work we do with clients, not just for clients, helps find the new business platform that makes a difference.  The Hunting for Hunting Grounds process was chosen and implemented involving full and very active participation by all top and middle management, and also members of the company’s external sales force. The client team all had ownership of the outcome and because of the hands-on process that characterizes the way Innovation Focus works National Bearings Company had, in addition to a new business platform, enhanced customer knowledge, necessary skills and new habits of mind for the hard work of implementation.



Hunting for Hunting Grounds™ process involving all personnel in management positions. Emphasis on training in each component of process.

  • New division formed with aggressive goals for 2007- already well on the way to over-achieving
  • Culture change within company – everyone understands and acts beyond old boundaries with the new paradigm
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