How do you find new ways to create, prepare, and serve stunning desserts in some of the busiest restaurants in the world?

Rich Products, the original innovator behind non-dairy whipped topping has been helping restaurants around the globe prepare stunning meals and desserts for nearly 70 years.


Rich Products was looking to break the code in the area of dessert creation, preparation, and service.


The Rich’s team traveled to five cities across the United States, spending three days in each city testing every dessert in the best and most interesting restaurants. Imagine walking into a restaurant and ordering every dessert on the menu! Themes emerged from the research and Rich’s identified their BIG IDEA as the pursuit of single-handed dispensing. Busy kitchens need “more hands.” After internal brainstorming they went back into the field looking for ways to build and refine ideas. The feedback loop began to show dividends as the cross functional team n the field observed the use of the products. A series of linked innovations emerged.


Rich’s built a platform of products around one-handed dispensing and temporary storage. None of the products involved changing the whipped topping formula. Rich’s demonstrated a willingness to participate in an open innovation process, to include ongoing customer participation and to support suppliers.

Rich Products,