Beneo Palatinit introduces their specially engineered sugar to the United States of America

Beneo Palatinit is a member of Südzucker Group, one of Germany’s largest food conglomerates and Europe’s largest sugar producer.  Beneo Palatinit develops, manufactures and markets ISOMALT, the only sugar replacer made from sugar.


In 2005, Beneo Palatinit introduced Palatinose  into the European market where it has had success as a sweetener in products that can take advantage of proven claims. The proven claims about this naturally sourced isomaltulose are that like sucrose it is fully digested and provides the same caloric value. But unlike sucrose, Palatinose offers slower digestion and absorption for a more balanced, longer- lasting supply of energy and a higher level of fat burning. This product has little effect on blood sugar levels or insulin, and is kind to teeth.


As part of Beneo Palatinit’s strategy to develop the market for Palatinose in the United States, Innovation Focus was selected by the Palatinit team to conduct the qualitative research study to understand the American market’s perceptions of a sugar replacement and how to appropriately position the benefits of Palatinose.  Innovation Focus designed and moderated focus group discussions utilizing respondent collages and in-depth discussion with consumers across the United States. The testing was directed towards five categories of beverages: sports drinks, energy drinks, wellness drinks, sports nutrition drinks and special nutrition drinks.


Innovation Focus’s analysis of the research data provided direction and explanations for preferred claims, benefits and language within beverage categories, evaluation of ingredient’s name, cut line and descriptor as well as insights into category users.  Beneo Palatinit used the Innovation Focus recommendations to help focus and support its marketing efforts to customers in the United States.

Beneo Palatinit,