Bridging the gap between next generation consumer products for children and early educational literacy

Clickstart, from LeapFrog, is an award-winning, child-sized wireless keyboard and mouse with appropriately designed games that interface with your television. Clickstart™ simultaneously introduces core preschool competencies and basic computer skills to give children an advantage into organized education,


LeapFrog Enterprises, is a category leader in both Preschool Electronic Learning and Electronic Learning Aids. They asked Innovation Focus to help them uncover the next generation learning experience for children, ages 2-8 years, based upon behavioral patterns, pre-school learning requirements, and latent, unmet parent/child needs.


Innovation Focus led the Leapfrog team through a series of research initiatives into early childhood education and technology with the help of thought leaders, moms and their children. These groups were identified as people who could help expand the team’s thinking around many of LeapFrog’s core values; the intersection of education for children and technology programs. It was discovered that the kids of today are in contact with screen-based technology as much as six times a day. Yet, computer literacy for these age groups is not being addressed at a state or federal level. A rapid decrease in the cost of personal computing hardware has not passed a price threshold that makes them cheap enough for parents to buy for their kids. These observations, along with some theoretical modeling and intense collaborative brainstorming, pointed to a unique opportunity; a fun, computer-like experience for children that prepares them for pre-school education.


Parents have been delighted with this product and the promise that it will help their children be ahead of the learning curve.