The American Pharmacists Association Foundation brought the research from the Ten City Challenge to life using LIFEbytes Online™

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Foundation, a charitable nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., works to design solutions to medication use problems in America. The APhA Foundation is affiliated with the American Pharmacists Association, the national professional society of pharmacists in the United States. The APhA Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of consumer health outcomes affected by pharmacy.

The challenge.

The APhA Foundation conducted a major project intended to quantify the efficacy of a new method for the treatment and management of diabetes that teamed diabetes patients with pharmacist “coaches,” physicians, diabetes educators and employer-payors. The challenge was to gain a deep understanding of the “why’s” behind the study’s quantitative findings so that best practices could be replicated elsewhere.

The solution.

The APhA Foundation partnered with Innovation Focus Inc. to design and conduct ethnographic and group interviews with all the different types of participants ranging from the pharmacist to the patient. These interviews were candid discussions about diabetes care before and after the program was implemented. Real people shared their stories, experiences and successes so that they could pass on what they had learned to those who could also benefit from the program.

In order to make the best practice findings accessible and easily searchable, the video along with other data was processed and entered into a LIFEbytes Online database. Each interview was divided into meaningful and searchable clips, labeled and summarized by the LIFEbytes team. All supporting documentation such as profile sheets and quantitative reports were also put into the database. This allowed APhA to search all of the clips and find supporting evidence for their claims.

The result.

Together these in-field conversations and reports put a human face to the data and built a deeper understanding of the quantitative result. LIFEbytes Online compiled several montages that combined the most compelling clips from a cross-section of the cities to represent themes that emerged from the research. Mining the many hours of interviews for the best quotes or stories was only made possible by being able to search a term or theme across all of the interviews on LIFEbytes Online.

The resulting montages made an undeniable case for this model of care and using the true stories of those affected by diabetes and those who care for them, the APhA Foundation was able to continue their vision of rolling out this model to, once and for all, help America fight and better manage the national diabetes epidemic.