Focusing Creativity to Build the Perfect Name and Story for a Healthy Alternative to an Italian Favorite

New World Pasta is the leading branded dry pasta manufacturer in the United States and Canada. Made up of a family of trusted and established brands like Ronzoni™, this company is dedicated to the pursuit of innovative and healthy new products to satisfy even the most particular pasta eaters.


In late 2006, New World Pasta approached Innovation Focus with a challenge.  They developed a great new pasta that has three times the fiber of regular pasta and as much calcium as an 8 ounce glass of milk.   They needed a name and marketing campaign that accurately conveyed the nutritional values of the new product and convinced consumers that it still had the same great taste as the original white pasta.


Innovation Focus gathered a group of NPD and marketing professionals from outside of the industry and a cross-functional team from New World Pasta for a day of brainstorming. The IF team led the group through our Concepts in Naming process, which is our Focused Innovation Technique™. This involved a series of word exercises, creative excursions, search engine research, and customer understanding approaches to generate names.



The team generated over 800 names. Through a calculated process of elimination, the Ronzoni team went home with five names, a story and detailed marketing approach behind each one.  A few months later, Ronzoni’s new SmartTaste pasta hit the shelves.

New World Pasta,