What We Do


Innovation Focus Inc. is an internationally recognized consulting firm driven to help you develop and implement profitable ideas for growth. By using a unique mix of creative and analytical processes, we lead you to find the wealth of answers to the question, “What If?”

The clients of Innovation Focus benefit from the new businesses, products and services that are created and developed through a customized innovation program.  Since our beginning in 1987, we’ve designed and facilitated programs to answer a variety of business growth objectives. Fortune 1000 companies and many emerging organizations have used our services to:

  • Generate meaningful and actionable insights from current and potential customers
  • Create and design new products, services and experiences
  • Accelerate and manage the innovation process
  • Improve NPD processes through training and coaching
  • Build more effective teams
We are committed to continual growth and betterment of our own company and yours.”  

There’s no “right way” or process that fits all business needs in the front-end of innovation. However, there are fundamentals we employ that help clarify goals, create focus and inspire action. Your goals are our guideline and we individually tailor your program with the components and processes you need. As long as your journey with us leads to growth, we’re fulfilling our mission – and you’re getting what you need. We can take you all the way from needs assessment to detailed action plans to developing your ideas for commercialization. Direction may vary, but every Innovation Focus program is built for productivity. Your needs drive the way we work together.  We will work with you, not just for you, and you will get the full attention of your Innovation Focus project team. An engagement with Innovation Focus delivers tangible results for your company as well as a lasting footprint in the form of new skills and new ways of thinking for your team.

Chris_pictureChristopher W. Miller, Ph.D. planted the first seeds for Innovation Focus when he was a doctoral student at Case Western Reserve University. There, Chris’s research work centered on the creative and learning behavior of engineers. Today the powerful vision of Chris’s expertise and the talents of a passionate group of professionals fuel our company. Our staff includes seasoned and creative talent with a wide range of skills including consumer goods, education, fashion, information technology, art, psychology, engineering, industrial design, international business and others.

Our Specialties

Why Us?

Our company is committed to working with client teams – not just for them.

Working with Innovation Focus, you receive tangible results quickly.  You are guided through a process designed and customized for your business with coaching and training along the way. You receive the benefit of our past 27 years of experience working with clients across many industries and our knowledge of what practices made them ultimately succeed.

Customer-Driven Development

We strive to create a deep connection and shared understanding of the world of the consumer as seen through their eyes and their mind. We seek to build an understanding about how these consumers will change over time. We also strive to ensure a rich understanding of current, emerging and new technologies available for this space. We express this learning in ways that fuel the creation and development of meaningful opportunities for innovation at the intersection of technology and need. Further, Innovation Focus will ensure that skill sets are left behind to be able to facilitate making the process replicable.

Our approach also provides ways for our client teams to create and develop design possibilities that are beyond the ability of most consumers to imagine.