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Innovation Focus offers several types of customizable market research services that help our clients gain insights into their customers.
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Innovation Focus has led hundreds of teams into the field to uncover the unmet needs, discover the problems with existing solutions and gain understanding about the true opinions of their customers. We collaborate with client teams to create the best, most useful experience possible to get the answers you are looking for. We design the market research process, recruit the perfect respondents, lead the interviews, and synthesize the data to create a deliverable that meets your needs. We welcome any level of involvement by our clients from design to synthesis.


Our customizable services include:


Step into your customer’s world to uncover insights within their natural environment. Gain deep insight into your customers’ environment, needs, attitudes, and aspirations by observing and interviewing them in their personal and/or professional environment. Innovation Focus’ expert qualitative researchers can help you design a compelling discussion guide, recruit ideal consumers, and conduct detailed, probing interviews. We lead a highly organized and effective debrief after each visit and a synthesis session with the full team to distill all of the major learnings from the research. We train client teams throughout the process to help them understand how to observe the customer and environment, listen effectively and process information as an ethnographer to get the richest experience and output possible.


We create an innovative blend of traditional focus group research and creative problem-solving with this approach. We recruit inventive consumers and non-competitive NPD professionals (called prosumers) to participate in a focus group. Then the prosumers “slingshot” from being consumers to joining your team as professionals and help you develop a deep and meaningful understanding of the consumers perspective. This approach challenges your thinking and allows you to co-develop solutions with your consumers and these prosumers.

There are three characteristics which make a Slingshot unique and useful when developing a high quality solution set. The three characteristics are:

  • Introduction of the prosumer in both consumer and creative roles. Their participation contributes depth to understanding the consumer experience.  Prosumers also provide high level creative input from a product development professional, as well as impartial and informed challenge to team biases and assumptions from an outside peer.
  • Purposeful development of creative tension to uncover breakthrough ideas when prosumers and project team members are “slingshot” from the consumer experience and into the creative idea generator role.
  • Evidence supports the value of the close proximity of listening to the voice of the customer, then processing it immediately in a creative problem-solving session.


Innovation Focus works with facilities worldwide to offer the following types of focus group research. We work hard to recruit the most ideal participants, moderate a useful discussion and deliver the data in the most meaningful format for your needs.

  • Traditional Focus Group Research – Listen and learn from your customers while they discuss your topic in a group discussion led by our experienced moderators. Then debrief the experience and come away with documented key findings.
  • In-Depth One-on-One or Small Group Research – Get more in-depth discussions and feedback by  allowing our moderators to talk to a small number of very targeted respondents at a time.
  • Developmental Focus Groups and Co-Creation Workshops – Shape and strengthen leading solutions with potential end users or professionals in your industry. Create or test existing concepts and co-develop solutions with participants.


This type of research allows you to tap into resources that might not otherwise be available inexpensively and with a relatively small time commitment. Innovation Focus offers recruiting, moderating, recording and data synthesis services for phone or remote interviews. We use skype, gotomeeting or conference calling to allow the team to listen in and possibly ask follow-up questions after the interview. Types of remote interviews include:

  • Customer or Lead-User Interviews – Listen to what a lead user has to say about your topic and ask them about solutions.
  • B2B Interviews – Interview professionals in your industry either providing or using your product or service.
  • Internal Expert Interviews – Tap into the internal knowledge of employees at your company. This is a great way to share information across silos in an organized and productive way.
  • Delphi Interviews – Interview a professional expert or thought leader in a topic you are looking to discover more about. Uncover emerging market trends or technologies that might affect your industry’s future.


Gain feedback from a large number of respondents anywhere using survey research. Using our understanding of your objectives we design the survey(s), administer the survey(s) and synthesize the results to give you a broad understanding of what consumers think about your topic.

  • Qualitative/quantitative surveys – Get quantitative data and also qualitative feedback in online surveys. Results are presented in graphs, and are backed up with qualitative explanations.
  • Concept or Product Testing – Present virtual concepts to customers online and get feedback in qualitative and quantitative form. Also, it is possible to send a product to a customer to test and then ask for feedback through survey(s) online.

We can design your survey research however suits your needs. Whether it be administering a survey once, recurring surveys or unique surveys every week to a recruited sample, we will customize the research to fit the approach.

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