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Innovation Focus has been a leading consultant firm in helping companies interpret their consumer research and translate what they learn into actionable ideas and new product concepts for over 25 years. We are experts in working alongside those tasked with refreshing a product line or putting new products in the pipeline. We develop a program for you, customized to your specific needs, and then walk you through, step by step, until you are standing in front of your completed Product Concepts Portfolio. Innovation Focus has successfully delivered over 3,000 unique ideation experiences, so when you trust us with your innovation project, you are in good hands.

Our customizable programs include:



Discover customer insights and develop innovative new product concepts

The Discovery & Innovation Program helps our client teams generate new ideas/concepts for products and services by taking them from Voice of the Customer insights all the way to a New Product Concepts Portfolio.

This program incorporates strategy, market trends, emerging technologies along with Voice of the Customer data to generate insights and to develop areas of opportunity through specific ideas and testable concepts. The process culminates in an innovation cycle that is both an extraordinarily creative high impact team experience and four tier strategic decision-making and concept development structure.

Discovery & Innovation is much more than just brainstorming- not only will you generate hundreds of ideas and concepts, you will thoroughly review and prioritize them, giving you a robust roadmap for product/service development. Follow-on work frequently includes concept shaping, developmental focus groups and quantitative screening.



Focused Ideation Session

Quickly generate ideas and concepts with our Lightning Strike accelerated ideation program. 

Experience both the creative energy of a hard hitting and fast moving brainstorming session and the rigor of structured decision making. This program is about getting “lightning to strike” in the form of a great idea, when you want it, where you want it and with those you most wish to involve.

You can get “lightning to strike” at your annual sales meeting with 250 people involved, or in a quiet retreat with 5 to 7 key players. A rigorous process, energetic facilitation, art and imagination give your team a chance to be at its best.

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