New Business Development

CC Todd Quackenbuch

“The buffalo are diminishing fast. The antelope that were plenty a few years ago, they are now thin. When they shall die we shall be hungry; we shall want something to eat…”

-Tonkahaska (Tall Bull), Chief of the Sioux, 1880

Hunting for Hunting Grounds™ draws its inspiration from the wisdom of ancient nomadic tribes who sought new lands before the resources in their existing hunting grounds were depleted.

This program allows you to discover new grounds for growth and explore new areas of business. Walk away with viable paths for new opportunities.

To align the organization around a set of business opportunities that provide a strategic framework around specific well developed ideas on such areas as:

  • Product opportunities
  • New branding opportunities
  • Strategic alliances
  • Joint ventures
  • Acquisitions and divestitures
  • Investment opportunities

Identify, prioritize and mobilize around breakthrough new business opportunities that create significant “waves of competitively sustainable growth.” Move your organization beyond today’s core businesses and strengthen your ability to continually spawn new, non-incremental high growth businesses.

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