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Our own Christopher W. Miller, Ph.D. will be presenting at Prepared Foods’ 33rd Annual New Products conference. Don’t miss his talk on practical ways your team can build a better tomorrow by combining the Voice of the Customer (Needs) with the Voice of the Craftsman (Technology).

Leading the Duck: The Art and Science of Forecasting Technology and Consumer Needs

If we develop exactly what the customer wants today with the capability we have today we will miss the opportunities of tomorrow every time. Every five year old who plays “Duck Hunt” knows that you have to lead the duck; why do we think NPD is any different? Dr. Miller will challenge us to step into a world beyond the “straight-line regression” and to a place where technology forecasting is part of our job, future consumers are real, and product road maps reflect a more exciting reality. 

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Prepared Foods’ 33rd annual New Products Conference is the food & beverage industry’s premier event for gaining valuable insights into global new product introductions, culinary advances and emerging consumer trends.

The New Products Conference provides R&D, Marketing, Product Developers, and Corporate Management executives with an opportunity to hear from leading industry experts.

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