Innovator’s Toolbox: Technology Scan

While gathering research insights for new product development, it can be helpful to find out what is already known and already being done in your field. A Technology Scan is a helpful tool to aid in this process.

Your innovation team should start by going online or talking to other departments in your company to see what technologies or new products in your industry that they can find. This can help kick off your process and get you started doing real, exploratory research. You may realize through your research that there are specific sub-topics to explore, so break into sub-teams and do some independent research. Don’t forget to explore opportunity areas in fields adjacent to your organization’s field and find ways to apply it to your topic. Other avenues to explore are talking to your suppliers and customers or attending a tradeshow.

The Technology Scan process will help expand your view of opportunity areas and give you more stimulus for research or ideation.

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