3 Innovation Rules of Thumb


Innovation as a Competitive Advantage

Rule 1 

Be optimistic, stretch boldly and break out.

There is always a breakout opportunity waiting to be discovered no matter how old, conservative and entrenched the business. So, imagine a bold future that is a real stretch that ignites everyone’s imagination. Then execute with true American grit.


Rule 2 

Relentlessly innovate.

The revolutionary innovation comes from time to time. When you find it, then, follow quickly with relentless, decent, incremental innovation that continues to meaningfully differentiate you from your competition. This creates a culture where people see and want to be a part of the power of innovation. It gives people a reason to believe and permission to succeed.


Rule 3 

Feed innovation all along the value chain.

Innovation helps drive market share, customer satisfaction, distribution, business systems, science, packaging and everything that brings growth and profit to any enterprise. It is a self-fulfilling virtuous circle. The risks to a company of not innovating are far greater.

By Anne Orban


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