How to Make the Research Visible in Your Organization

Through participating in fieldwork activities, you connected with your customer by interviewing and observing them. Now, it is time to move the data forward within your organization. By engaging in some post-fieldwork activities, you will help others on your research team and company to make the most of the customer connection.

Qualitative market research is used best when it is used most – where people from across company functions and disciplines experience the world of their customer and/or consumer. Sending staff out on qualitative market research field trips, however, is time-consuming and costly. Below are options to consider to make the research visible in your organization:

  1. Video highlight – edit video to 10 to 20 minutes of footage to capture highlights of issues, needs or interesting tidbits.  Find a well-traveled place to display this in your company.
  2. Create a picture wall or gallery of the photographs you have taken during the research.
  3. Create a quote wall of interesting quotes from the research.
  4. Create a computer slide presentation of the research findings.  Display the presentation during a meeting or have it on continuous play in a well-traveled place in the company.  Put it on a server for the whole company to access.
  5. Post research findings or tidbits above the water cooler, beside the coffee pot, in the copy room or in the bathroom stalls in your office.
  6. Create an idea wall.  Highlight key learnings and have everyone add an idea for a product/service/improvement based on the key learning.  Use tools such as mind mapping or free listing
  7. Create a report of findings and distribute it to others.
  8. Create a collage of pictures and findings.
  9. Print out photos and let the team make a collage and hang the collage up for everyone to see.
  10. Put flip-chart paper around it, so others can write ideas the collage sparks.
  11. Interview someone within the company for your journal.
  12. Conduct a brainstorming session to determine other ways to make the research visible in the company.

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