Exercises to Improve Observation

Exercise 1: Memory

  • Study a random picture for one minute
    • Cover the picture
    • Make notes on what you saw

Exercise 2: Detail and Note Taking

  1. Look at that same picture
  2. Take notes while looking at the picture
    • Notice small details like:
      • Color
      • Texture
      • What objects are in the picture
      • Where you think it is
      • Who is in the picture
      • Size
      • Lighting/Shading
  3. Compare the notes from the two exercises

Exercise 3: Window Shopping

  1. Go on a walk in a commercial area
  2. Pick out a store window that looks interesting to you. (Better yet, pick a competitor’s store or business.)
  3. Study the store window and the objects in it for a minute
  4. Walk far away enough from the window so that you can no longer see it and write down what you saw and observed.
  5. Go back to the window and see how accurate you were in your observations
  6. Repeat with another window

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