Concepts in Naming – Chapter 3

Setting the Task

The statement of your task is important. It acts as a baseline from which to jump. It can represent the culmination of a considerable amount of thinking by the owner up to the point of getting started. Naming is no different. Two points:

  1. Careful definition of the area for naming often encourages options to emerge.
  1. A quick start into naming without a careful definition of the task often results in defining the task, “I will know it when I hear it.”

Specific phrasing in naming is not as important as in other areas. It should reflect exactly what you want to do. If the statement is too narrow it will limit the search for ideas; if too broad, it will not give you the direction you need to begin your work. It should be as complex as necessary but understandable. It should be something you can get enthused about. And remember the words of Elmer Sperry: as long as you’re going to bother to take on a challenge, why not make it one in which you can make an impact.

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