Noah Miller is a high-energy facilitator and research consultant at Innovation Focus Inc. He supports primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative research projects in the roles of facilitator, field researcher, moderator and interviewer. He was a significant contributor to the New Jersey Transit Community Involvement Program. Since then, Noah has worked with a wide range of companies and products including Greenlee Tools, TimberTech (Trex®) Building Materials, Prudential, Teledyne WaterPik and Binney & Smith (Crayola®). As a Curator for Global Shapers he contributed to the design of the international Global Shapers Community annual survey of youth around the world – the largest ever, world-wide data gathering activity on Millennials. He found unique and innovative ways to drive response rates for the Lancaster Shapers and brought his community’s response rate up to be among the ranks of mega-cities like Beijing.

As Curator for the Lancaster, Pennsylvania Global Shapers Hub, Noah championed the cause of bringing Lancaster to the rest of the world by representing the community in multiple international conferences. As a real estate entrepreneur, Noah Miller has quintupled the size of IF Real Estate in just five years with a consistent pattern of profitable growth.  As a Social Entrepreneur, Noah has led the way by finding and driving innovative ways to generate capital and create safe and comfortable places for people to live and work. He is as comfortable tearing out a wall and installing a new bathroom in a building built in 1880 as he is negotiating with the zoning board or the bank. What started as a single building is now a thriving company that has a direct and positive impact on the community. He plans to take this to another level with programs that will address wealth poverty and increase owner occupancy in the City of Lancaster for years to come.

Noah graduated from the University of Delaware in 2007 after three years of study with a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. From there he proceeded to the University of Maryland, College Park where he earned a Master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a focus on Re-integrative Shaming. During this time, he travelled to 19 countries, some multiple times, learning about different criminal justice systems and cultures first hand.

Noah brings energy and enthusiasm to everything he does. He enjoys learning new ways of tackling old problems, fixing things, trying new hobbies and dogs. Regardless of what he’s doing, or where he’s riding his bike downtown, downtime is always an opportunity for Noah to work on a passion that contributes.