Cynthia Daub is Vice President and CFO of Innovation Focus Inc.  She specializes in interdisciplinary team development, customer driven invention and utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® in managing diversity.  Cindy has been a practicing, licensed therapist specializing in business and individual therapy for over 15 years.  In addition, she has consulted for corporations and educational institutions with personnel problems, such as difficult employees, substance abusers and employees with communication barriers.

Cindy received her Master’s in Social Work from Boston University.  She is certified by the Association for Psychological Type for the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and trained as a facilitator using Synectics techniques and as a facilitator and instructor of the Focused Innovation TechniqueT.  She is sought after for her empathetic approach to facilitating and moderating.  Cindy uses her therapeutic techniques and MBTI expertise in the areas of conflict resolution, group dynamics and team building, as well as in managing creativity borne from diversity.  She has an exceptional ability to support clients in team building activities and the enhancement of customer understanding through the adaptation of therapeutic techniques.  She has participated in forums for the PDMA Growth Forum and the Central Penn Business Journal’s Inside Business section (“Business Eyes Perks for Friendlier Workplace.”)

The combination of her skills in MBTI interpretation and in facilitation has made her a significant contributor to Personality PlusT and Inventing with KidsT, services of Innovation Focus targeted at helping clients understand their product or service through the customer’s eyes, both adult and child.

Cindy has worked with Hershey Foods, Armstrong World Industries, Thomas J. Lipton Company, New Pig Corporation, Scott Paper, CUNA Mutual, Providian Insurance, Elizabeth Arden, Mellon Bank, DuPont-Merck and others.

Cindy has been deeply involved in volunteer and community activities.  She currently serves as a board member for the Mental Health Association and focuses her energy on the educational system in Lancaster, PA and on her family.