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Visions_PDMA_PicVisions, the flagship magazine of the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA), keeps the PDMA community informed on news and trends in the new product development (NPD) world and the latest thinking of leaders in product development and innovation.

Our own Chris Miller and Anne Orban have contributed several articles over the years as active members of the PDMA Board and community. Anne’s articles include “10 Rules of Thumb for I.N.N.O.V.A.T.I.O.N. in your Company” (2013), “The truth about ethnography: A rebuttal” (2007), “How to Use Online Qualitative Research in the New Product Development Process” (2005) and “Innovation as Competitive Advantage: an interview with George Buckley, CEO, The Brunswick Corporation” (2005). Chris’ contributions include a whole series of articles in a section called Growth Forum. Some highlights include “Teamwork: Empowering the Team to Step Beyond the Edge”, “When Disaster Strikes – The Impact of Failure on the New Product Career”, “Expert, Artist or Authority”, “Laughing at Ourselves,” “Play Ball,” “The Impact of Downsizing on the New Product Development Process and Professional”, “Virtual NPD Buzzword or Bromide”, “Crossing the Line”, “Motivating the Troops”, “The Peoples Republic of China”, “Panning for Gold” and “Experience of Discovery”.

For a copy of any of these articles, please contact us!

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