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Concepts in Naming – Chapter 3

Setting the Task
The statement of your task is important. It acts as a baseline from which to jump. It can represent the culmination of a considerable amount of thinking by the owner up to the point of getting started. Naming is no different. Two points:
  1. Careful definition of the area for naming often encourages options...
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5 Learnings from the “Cupcake Incident”

by Jennifer Arnold Last night, I painstakingly baked and decorated cupcakes for my daughter to take into school in celebration of her half-birthday. I dropped her off at school instead of having her take the bus and began my drive into the office. About 10 minutes later,...
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Concepts in Naming – Chapter 2

How Naming is Special
The primary distinction is in the generating and selecting of criteria for naming and in the need to do at least a preliminary name search. Unfortunately, for those of us who are brainstorming purists, the way in which the names will eventually be evaluated needs to be established early in your process....
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Innovation Success Factors and Blockers

Dear Innovation Colleagues, If successful innovation is again a high priority this year then why not try this short survey focusing on innovation success factors and blockers? I know it’s just an informal survey, but your insights on these 20 propositions could promote really useful discussions. And those discussions will help unlock more innovation success this year. So...
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