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Concepts in Naming – Next Steps and Action Planning

We need to have a long heart to heart about taking this new name of yours out from under the bushel and letting its light shine. Introducing a new name or a new concept into any organization is tough; names are the toughest. So, let's be diplomatic about this… you know that thirty foot banner...
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Creativity Matters

By Kevin Miller Have you ever wondered who is creative and who is not?  I am very fortunate because I was born believing and knowing in my soul that I am an artist.  I have never questioned that.  But almost every day I encounter people who suffer from "low personal creativity esteem," and I long to...
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Concepts in Naming – Chapter 8

One person working alone is more productive than a group?!  This is a really bad thing for a specialist in group process to admit! But here it is for the entire world to see. Now comes the rationalization part:
  • This appears to be true only for the short run. Individuals tend to run out of mental...
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