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Shape the world… what is it and how it can help you.

Imagine that you had free access to a survey of over 28,000 young people from 419 communities around the world.
  • What do they care about?
  • Why do they care about these things?
  • Perhaps most importantly: What do they plan to do about it?
Guess what, you do! Imagine a global group of over 5,000 young business...
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Concepts in Naming – Chapter 6

Let's go invent names! The following might help:  
  1. Aggressively manage the session–use a note pad.
  1. Keep a thesaurus and dictionary close at hand.
  1. Write just the name–keep a thesaurus and dictionary handy.
  1. Review for ideas, improvements, connections, use a thesaurus and dictionary.
  1. Suspend judgment. Keep an open mind.
  1. Use imagery...
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Concepts in Naming – Chapter 5

Setting the Criteria

It is important that you start your naming process with four to five basic criteria in mind. To do this, I recommend that you generate a list of many possible criteria and then sort these down to a manageable group. You will do this by starting with a list of wishes for what you...
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