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Data Organization and Documentation

You have collected nominal data, that is, observations that cannot be quantified or put in any meaningful order. However, there are many useful ways to organize your notes so that they are helpful in the next phase of data analysis...

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Moving the Data Forward: Synthesis and Analysis

The Affinity Sort: A way to gain a fresh perspective from the same old data

In the 1970’s I worked for Ditto as the Market Research guy. We made little printing machines that were popular in schools for 75 years until xerography killed off the technology. We would get...

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Second-Rate Ideas

It is no small effort to change key suppliers, cost reduce a product line, or redesign the packaging. This is the bread-and-butter of our work. Day-in and day-out products are “tweaked”, and they must be. In some companies the NPD project is a customer...

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How to Debrief

A person retains up to 99% of unrelated information two hours following an exercise, up to 71% for unrelated material two days following an exercise and less than 14% for periods longer than two days (Goldstein, Chance, 1971). Immediately after the site visit, the research team should start to process their learnings, form...

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