The Resolution Solution

The first 2 weeks in January are always the worst to go to the gym. All of a sudden the floor is crowded with overzealous and under-trained mean-wellers that have resolved to “get in shape” or “lose weight.” But, by January 31, the lines for the ellipticals have usually disappeared. Why?

John Tierney, in his article “Be It Resolved” written for the New York Times last year, shares that we lose the willpower or mental energy to continue resisting temptations and do something uncomfortable (like diet or exercise) over time. On the positive side, “you’re much more likely to make improvements than someone who hasn’t made a formal resolution.” Tierney also says that setting a clear goal is a key factor in a resolver’s success.

We know, as new product developers, that innovation can be hard and downright uncomfortable sometimes. We also know, that like those fair-weather gym members, we will fail along the way. But resolving and planning to be creative and innovative in the next year is a crucial step in putting aside the time and resources to make that innovation happen. Also, setting a measurable goal, will help motivate you along the way. Here are examples of some personal goals you can set to keep your innovation willpower alive:

  • Read one book on innovation or read the JPIM book reviews.
  • Take one idea break a month. Schedule a time to step out of the office and walk in the park with a task written on a pad in your pocket.
  • Volunteer to facilitate an innovation effort for a local community organization.

So set your innovation resolution today, and let us know what you are shooting for!

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