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You’ll see Chris, Jen and Noah from Innovation Focus as presenters there!

The Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) is an annual international conference hosted by the Creative Education Foundation focused on three main areas – creativity, innovation and leading change.


Our own Christopher W. Miller, Ph.D. will be running 2 workshops with the help of Jen Arnold and Noah Miller.

Check out the CPSI links to the Workshops here: 

Open Innovation as a Discovery Tool for Confronting the Extraordinary Challenge

Real problems can be bigger than what any one individual or organization can confront. Open innovation is a tool for drawing the resources of multiple organizations into a single goal-directed innovation unit. This case study driven course will suggest a process for you to make it happen.  Using a variety of cases from Diabetes, 3D printing to medical waste management Dr. Miller will present a model for building an Open Innovation approach to taking on problems well beyond your organization’s resources. The class will use his recently published chapter in Open Innovation: New Product Development Essentials, Edited by the Product Development and Management Association and published by Wiley in 2014; Open Innovation as a Discovery Solution for Confronting Extraordinary Challenges.

In this workshop you will:
– Rules for finding a problem and a champion.
– Building a multi-organization charter.
– Selecting a designing your own open innovation project.

Hunting for Hunting Grounds: Discovery at the Front End of Innovation

“You will bring me the first dollar of a new $100 million dollar line of business by the end of the year.” Team Charter from the President of the Black & Decker Appliance Division. Hunting for Hunting Grounds (H4HG) is about finding new growth opportunities for your organization; H4HG is about bringing the organization along with you on the journey; H4HG is about forecasting the Future for your business. Reference: PDMA Tool Book 1; Chapter 2, Hunting for Hunting Grounds: Forecasting at the Fuzzy Front End, Christopher W. Miller. Process used by 3M, Black&Decker, Fiskars and many others.

In this workshop you will:
– Discover how to use the basic tools of creative problem solving to take you organization on a process that will define new opportunities for growth.
– Learn how the processes we use for discovery today is rooted in our basic human experience shared with every hunter gatherer society.
– Create your own innovation charter to take your team on a journey to hunt for new hunting grounds.

And be sure to find Chris, Jen and Noah to say hi!

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