Second-Rate Ideas

It is no small effort to change key suppliers, cost reduce a product line, or redesign the packaging. This is the bread-and-butter of our work. Day-in and day-out products are “tweaked”, and they must be. In some companies the NPD project is a customer...

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How to Debrief

A person retains up to 99% of unrelated information two hours following an exercise, up to 71% for unrelated material two days following an exercise and less than 14% for periods longer than two days (Goldstein, Chance, 1971). Immediately after the site visit, the research team should start to process their learnings, form...

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Basic Interviewing Tips

There are many right ways to interview and many wrong ways to interview. Below are some basic interviewing dos and don'ts:

  1. Don't ask leading questions: These are questions that lead a person to a particular answer. When...
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A Dime a Dozen

The Realities of Recruiting for Ethnographic Research

All good market researchers know that a qualitative study is only as good as those who have been recruited to participate in the study. This fact is even more true in...

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