Basic Interviewing Tips

There are many right ways to interview and many wrong ways to interview. Below are some basic interviewing dos and don'ts:

  1. Don't ask leading questions: These are questions that lead a person to a particular answer. When...
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A Dime a Dozen

The Realities of Recruiting for Ethnographic Research

All good market researchers know that a qualitative study is only as good as those who have been recruited to participate in the study. This fact is even more true in...

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Participant Observation

The participant observer technique is:

  • The most commonly used anthropological tool
  • Immersing yourself in the situation and/or site
  • Becoming a commonality to the people on the site
  • Taking notes on what is observed
  • Interviewing people (informants) on the site to get a more-in-depth look at the culture

Secondary Research in Ethnography

The market environment changes every day.  Trends in your industry and your customer’sindustry change every day.  Consumers’needs change every day.  All thesechanges should affect the products you make. But how do you stay on top of trends, fads, needs and environmentalmarket changes?  Outside of interactingwith your customers in their own environment, there is a...

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