You are Human and Humans are Biased

Observing and experiencing is a part of everyday life. You have been doing it since the day you were born, and it helps you to learn. For example, you may have learned from experience not to touch the hot burner on the stove by touching it when the stove-top was hot...

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Creating the Customer Connection

Understanding your customer and their background is the most important thing to any organization creating a valued product or service. Organizations can spend years making products that customers don’t really need or want. Other organizations spend large sums of money making sure the products they create actually meet a customer need. After the...

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Invent, Innovate, Improve, or Die – Part II


Product and process invention, innovation, and giant step-change improvement are essential to survival

By Christopher W. Miller, Ph.D. and Gary C. Graziano, AIA In our last article we wrote about the metamorphosis taking place inside GE as CEO Jeffrey Immelt turns up the heat on growth oriented invention, innovation...
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