Concepts in Naming – Chapter 8

One person working alone is more productive than a group?!

 This is a really bad thing for a specialist in group process to admit! But here it is for the entire world to see. Now comes the rationalization part:

  • This appears to be true only for the short run. Individuals tend to run out of mental steam after a while. Managed groups can go on and on. I have yet to experience a group that runs dry.
  • Ideas are only a part of what happens at any innovation session. We frequently start the relationships which make for successful implementation, exchange other vital information, and create a history of success for the team.

The results on the next page are typical for sessions that I run. A completed product at this stage is usually a concept sheet which has been presented to the group for reaction. A major assumption is that quality can emerge from quantity in a creative exercise (remember the formula for creativity).

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