Concepts in Naming – Chapter 6

Let’s go invent names! The following might free essay help:


  1. Aggressively manage the session–use a note pad.
  1. Keep a thesaurus and dictionary close at hand.
  1. Write just the name–keep a thesaurus and dictionary handy.
  1. Review for ideas, improvements, connections, use a thesaurus and dictionary.
  1. Suspend judgment. Keep an open mind.
  1. Use imagery and imagination in your words. Buy a thesaurus and dictionary if you don’t have one.
  1. Stay focused on the problem at hand–avoid interruptions.
  1. Value what you don’t know. Turn questions into ideas.
  1. Be ruthless and courageous in decision making.

* See the New Products Concepts Workbook for more on brainstorming

And, use a thesaurus and dictionary!

Download (PDF, 312KB)

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