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Watch this short Google Chrome video: “Dear Sophie”

Google Chrome has released several of these short vignettes that make viewers stop and pay attention. By all rights, these videos are commercials. So, why do people seek them out to watch them, and share them with their friends?

The creators put videos, images, music and words together that make viewers feel powerful empathetic connections to the subjects. Developing empathy for a problem or a group of people is one of the most powerful ways of convincing or engaging someone. These vignettes also use visual and audible stimulation combined. This is the best way to reach all types of audiences because people learn and remember generally favoring one or the other.

Using visual stimulation such as drawings, photos, objects or videos in ideation processes is a great way to stimulate people to think more creatively. Also using other forms of art such as music or storytelling will help to engage everyone’s most prominent or effective learning or memory mechanism. In any case, using both types of stimulation will help to make participants more engaged in the content. Creating a story or environment that engages all these facets of the brain will enrich any session.

Does this theme picture, by our artist and senior facilitator Kevin Miller, make you feel empathy for the subjects?


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