Secondary Research in Ethnography

The market environment changes every day.  Trends in your industry and your customer’sindustry change every day.  Consumers’needs change every day.  All thesechanges should affect the products you make. But how do you stay on top of trends, fads, needs and environmentalmarket changes?  Outside of interactingwith your customers in their own environment, there is a...

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Experiential Learning vs. Qualitative Research

Experiential learning, discovery through experience, is generally a subconscious act and an integral part of everyday life.  You have been doing it since the day you were born, and it is the primary way you learn.  For example, you may have learned from experience that when you spin around, you get dizzy. You could have also learned this...

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Communication Principles

There are many different ways to communicate with your customer. Good communication relies on relationship building, nonverbal communication, listening versus hearing, clarification and confirmation. This month, we will discuss ways to build those skills. We will also give you some communication rules to follow when initiating your research.

Exercises to Improve Observation

Exercise 1: Memory

  • Study a random picture for one minute
    • Cover the picture
    • Make notes on what you saw

Exercise 2: Detail and Note Taking

  1. Look at that same picture
  2. Take notes while looking at the picture
    • Notice small...
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