Concepts in Naming – Chapter 8

One person working alone is more productive than a group?!  This is a really bad thing for a specialist in group process to admit! But here it is for the entire world to see. Now comes the rationalization part:
  • This appears to be true only for the short run. Individuals tend to run out of mental...
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Concepts in Naming – Chapter 7

Ideas, facts, products, services, names, positionings, strategies and even visions cannot stand on their own. Names are never used in a vacuum. They should not be evaluated in a vacuum either. To take a name and say it is good or bad without evaluating it with its competitors and companion products has little value. To evaluate it without...
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The Slingshot: A group process for generating breakthrough ideas

By Anne Orban and Christopher W. Miller The Slingshot process emerged from a British Airways product development team working to upgrade its business class service.  A focus group with frequent business class users was followed by a debrief session.  Several of the participants happened to be both frequent trans-Atlantic business class customers and skilled professionals in...
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