Concepts in Naming – Chapter 2

How Naming is Special
The primary distinction is in the generating and selecting of criteria for naming and in the need to do at least a preliminary name search. Unfortunately, for those of us who are brainstorming purists, the way in which the names will eventually be evaluated needs to be established early in your process....
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Innovation Success Factors and Blockers

Dear Innovation Colleagues, If successful innovation is again a high priority this year then why not try this short survey focusing on innovation success factors and blockers? I know it’s just an informal survey, but your insights on these 20 propositions could promote really useful discussions. And those discussions will help unlock more innovation success this year. So...
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What Kind of Difference Makes a Difference?

Based on the genes we inherit and the experiences we have, some of us are wired for invention while others of us are wired for innovation or improvement. In this article, we'll explore the personality differences that could make a difference when a company seeks growth from sources other than acquisition and cost reduction, and...
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Concepts in Naming

This year, we are publishing our Concepts in Naming workbook online. We want everyone to have access to our recommended process. We will be rolling out chapters each month. Name, family, and personality are synonymous in much of Western literature. Naming today follows this heritage. Naming is very much like a christening or a bar mitzvah for the...
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