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Discover Consumer Insights
Inspiration flows from yearning; a longing to solve a problem that is deeply understood. Innovation Focus has over 25 years in business providing research design, delivery, reporting and training to inspire deep understanding and meaningful innovation. There are many ways Innovation Focus has helped clients build the insight and commitment to action that can impact your business.



Develop New Product Concepts
Innovation Focus provides simply the best ideation experience imaginable—real time art and purpose-driven playful and imaginative activities combine with the rigor of the Focused Innovation Technique™ with an intellectual property management system and a four tier decision support process. Our professional facilitators are trained to manage the process in service to your task needs.



Hunt for New Business Opportunities
Innovation efforts are successful when they result in viable, tangible and compelling new products, services and experiences. Innovation Focus design-driven programs help provide your team with a clarity of purpose and a commitment to action.



Learn Innovative Processes and Techniques
A project engagement with Innovation Focus is collaborative and transparent. Our projects are a learning experience for our clients. We strive to take your team through the journey and create the forward momentum and clarity of focus needed to continue with your effort to implement and deliver innovation for your business.

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